What is this blog???

For a couple years, I’ve been saying I was going to start a cooking blog.  Every time I came up with a new idea for a meal for one, a money saving meal, or something special for company, I wanted to share it.

When you get to a certain age (old, my grandson would say), your cooking needs change.

  • We aren’t making huge family meals any more, and so many people prefer to grab a sandwich rather than go to the bother and time of making a meal.  Not only is that boring, it isn’t healthy.
  • And speaking of health, we develop special needs.  Whether it be losing weight, dealing with diabetes or heart conditions, we just can’t always eat the way we used to.
  • Unless we have hefty pensions, we also need to cook thriftily.   Particularly in these days of austerity, we just can’t waste food.

So, a cooking blog.  But as I was making some notes on interesting appetizers (or finger foods), I thought that I would like to add some tidbits about entertaining.  I don’t do much any more for various reasons, but I was passionate about graciously welcoming guests.  And that led to the fact that I soon will be decorating a new home (fingers crossed it is sooner rather than later), and I imagine I will want to write about that as well.  And thus was Holm Style born, to join Holm Made (crafts) and At Holm in the World (politics, reviews, meanderings).